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We believe that the church is here to grow as a community and as individuals.

That's why we have a variety of bible study opportunities and also opportunities for general fellowship.


Study Opportunities


Our Church-wide bible study happens on a Saturday morning from 9:30 - for any age.

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We also have groups specifically for:

Young women, younger women, and young women at heart;
One-to-one study; and
Youth and teens.

And we are encouraged in the bible to also have mentors, just like Jesus and His twelve disciples, and Paul and Timothy. When someone is baptised or joins our church family, we help them to find someone who will be a friend and a support for the faith-based questions they have. You're making connections for eternity here, and you'll learn how to share it on. The gospel is infectious, and we are called to be a light that cannot be hidden!


Christian Fellowship



For the little ones we have Adventurers - a club likened to scouts for kids till the age of 11 where they get to do arts and crafts, learn about building friendships and run amok. 

For the teens we have the Pathfinders club, which is a holistic friendship and skill-building community group where young people (12-18) can do anything from learning the ropes (knots!), going away for camps, and even going on a yearly expedition with other groups of kids from all over North New South Wales. 

Our youth group host a number of community events throughout the week, including their Monday nights Basketball games which are family friendly, a Thursday night study and gym session with Sports Physiologist Ksandros Muca, and a bi-weekly "Friday Night Feed" where they meet in each others homes and provide an alternative to night life. 

Young Adult Bonfire Fellowship

For those ladies in need of rest we have NEST. NEST seeks to move away from the stereotypical approach to “ministries’ by opening new horizons for women to share their hears, their joys and sorrows and to reach out to other women who are finding life’s burdens too heavy to hear alone. It has been created to meet every woman’s spiritual, emotional and intellecual needs in a vibrantly fresh way, whatever your stage in life. 

For the tinkering man, we have Men's Shed. And it is exactly that - a shed. For men. We'll keep the description brief! 


Young married couples can connect and meet up to share advice, familiar anecdotes of married life and life as parents (or budding parents!), and meet new people in the wider Port Macquarie community. 

The oldies are invited yearly to the Grey Nomads camp in the beautiful Stuart's Point area, as well as supporting one another throughout the year whether it be in deep study of scripture or exchanging perfected brownie recipes/tips on how to lovingly irritate grandchildren.