Here at Port Macquarie Seventh-Day Adventist Church, we gather together for spiritual and social nourishment each and every Saturday. 


8:45am - Prayer at The Shed
9:30am - Sabbath School (Bible Study)
11:00am - Worship Service


Our main worship service, also known as a "divine service" begins at 11 am and this is a chance for praise, prayer and powerful messages from our local and visiting pastors. It is all-age friendly, and kids are able to participate as well.

We also have Sabbath School - a bible study group format which for adults follows a series of lessons based on a particular book or area of scripture. Currently, we're studying Galatians. We have sabbath schools from cradle roll and up, with plenty to learn and do for the younger ones.

A place for prayer is provided on Saturday mornings from 8:45am at The Shed which is down the road behind our church - you can ask for directions if unsure.



In Isaiah 56:7, God calls His house a "House of Prayer" - we believe that prayer is powerful in that it brings community together. During our worship service there is opportunity for prayer, as well as our regular prayer meetings throughout the week.


Monday - 6:00am
Wednesday - 9:00am
Saturday - 8:45am (at The Shed)


We often have other events happening at our church - you can take a look on our Facebook page for more details.


You can give offering or pay tithe at eGIVING or download the eGIVING app.